Бесплатные on-line курсы

Fanshawe предлагает 3 курса для иностранных студентов бесплатно on-line по английскому языку, прикладным основам качества жизни и предпринимательству. Курсы рассчитаны на 11 недель каждый и включают видео лекции, возможность общения с преподавателем, дискуссионные форумы. Регистрация открыта и ещё есть места на текущий семестр!

Learning English @ Fanshawe (LE@F)

Fanshawe has redesigned its popular course for international students considering Canada as a place to study English. Learning English @Fanshawe gives students a chance to learn about Fanshawe College and about our beautiful forest city of London, Ontario, a city of 360,000 people not far from Toronto in Southwestern Ontario.

Applied Sustainability

Fanshawe is offering this award-winning free course for the third time. Register now as it may be your last opportunity! The course is designed to emphasize the practical and the personal elements of sustainability, with each of the six modules featuring on-location video interviews with experts on different aspects of sustainability. The module themes focus on water and waste, green homes and neighbourhoods, off-the grid housing, green landscaping, and green building certifications.

Necessity Entrepreneurship

Necessity Entrepreneurship is a newly developed course that asks students to investigate, analyze and apply small, innovative solutions to help the displaced and disadvantaged populations around the world who survive at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Learn about the issues, the thinkers, and the possibilities. Analyze an existing solution or create your own.

For more information, email Wendy Wilson, MOOC Coordinator at MOOC@fanshawec.ca