Магистратура (MBA)

Основные факты о UCW MBA:

Стоимость (международные студенты):

$19,440 (учебный год 1)
$12,960 (учебный год 2)

Доступны стипендии и гранты >>>

Даты начала:

Осень (октябрь), Зима (январь), Весна (апрель), Лето (июль)

Метод обучения:

Очно в Ванкувере
Доступно онлайн заочно (без приезда в Канаду)

Подробное описание:

Based in Vancouver, Canada, this Master of Business Administration (MBA) program from UCW will prepare you for leadership on the global stage. This program is accredited by ACBSP. You will take the most challenging situations in your stride, apply pragmatic solutions to problems you encounter, and ultimately drive the success of an organization with your informed decision-making.

Graduates of the MBA program will be able to:

  • respond strategically to business challenges and opportunities.
  • assess ethical implications of business activities.
  • develop, implement and evaluate solutions to business problems.
  • formulate business decisions and systematic analysis that reflects critical thinking.
  • demonstrate effective skills to collaborate with diverse groups of people.
  • lead teams through the resolution of problems and successful completion of projects and tasks.
  • integrate personal values and perspectives into problem solving and take responsibility for decisions.
  • communicate ideas persuasively (written and oral) as a result of thorough analysis of information.
  • gather, analyze and synthesize information for a business context.

Class profile

UCW brings together students from all over the world which leads to an enhanced learning environment, as students not only learn from program leaders but from each other, too. Students present different insights into topics, depending on their culture and background.

Learning methods

Our MBA program is delivered by a team of dedicated and highly knowledgeable professors with many years of industry experience. You will learn through a combination of the following methods:

  • Lectures and class discussions
  • Studying academic literature
  • Looking closely at case studies
  • Listening to fellow classmates’ experiences

Tuition Fees

Domestic International
Tuition Fee Per Course $1,560 $2,160
Total Courses in the Program 15 15
Total Tuition Fees $23,400* $32,400
Full-time Tuition Fees: $14,040 (Year 1)
$9,360 (Year 2)
$19,440 (Year 1)
$12,960 (Year 2)


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