Отзывы студентов Upper Career College of Business and Technology (UCCBT, Toronto); стажировки: бизнес-администрирование, гостиничное дело

Мне очень понравилась стажировка, организованная колледжем Upper Career College of Business and Technology (Toronto, Canada), в финансовом отделе Sheraton Centre Hotel в Торонто. Я прошла курс Understanding International Marketplace (бизнес программа) и решила пройти стажировку в канадской компании, с тем чтобы получить опыт работы в Канаде и увеличить шансы на успешное получение работы в гостинице моей мечты.

uccbt_uim_andrea2Я была впечатленатем, что знания, которые я получила во время курса Business Essentials в UCCBT я применяла на практике каждый день. Кроме того, UCCBT помог мне подготовиться к работе с финансовыми отчетами, поскольку я получила знания об особенностях финансового планирования, бюджетирования, и работы с финансовыми потоками.

Другая причина, почему я была рада возможности пройти стажировку состоит в том, что я могла наблюдать то, что финансист делает ежедневно, работая в офисе гостиницы.

Не только работа с финансовым контролером гостиницы была полезной и дала мне опыт, поскольку все сотрудники в моем отделе были добры и терпеливы со мной. Они всегда объясняли мне то, что необходимо делать, а если вдруг возникали вопросы или проблемы, они брали тайм-аут в своем напряженном расписании, и помогали мне разобраться с работой.

Мои задачи включали следующее: выписка счетов, расчет налогов за отчетный период, общий учет движения денежных средств, проверка соответствия поступившей оплаты выставленным счетам, а также административная работа в офисе.

На мой взгляд, Sheraton Centre Торонто – отличная компания для работы, чтобы узнать о финансах и вложить время в развитие своей карьеры. Я настоятельно рекомендую UCCBT и программы стажировок для любого студента, который заинтересован в бизнесе!

Андреа, студентка колледжа UCCBT,
программа Understanding the International Marketplace,
стажировка в финансовом отделе гостиницы


Дригие отзывы студентов:

uccbt_uim_youngeRoots Canada is one of the biggest worldwide companies. Why I chose this company is that Roots is Canadian company so I thought I would learn Canadian business culture or something special. And I did learn many things. All Canadian love their products and use them for sure. Even in this year, there was the Vancouver Olympic in Canada. So I could feel and learn directly how the company manages their brand image or their products in international market.

I can’t forget the moment my manager, Victoria, interviewed me at the office and introduced me to all workers. I was late for interview because I couldn’t find where Roots was. Actually I’m really weak at direction. But Victoria was so kind to me and then my interview was started.

In UIM class, I learned how to make my resume and how to make interview successful. So when she asked me to give her my resume, I gave it to her. You can’t imagine that ‘REAL’ Canadian read my resume to hire me as an internship for real. And when she asked me some questions about my skills, I answered clearly thinking what I learned in UIM. It really helped me many times.

On January 18th, I started working for Roots. As soon as I started working, I helped my co-workers to take pictures of new products. It was pretty hard for me because I never did like that work such as taking on or off many clothes on the mannequin. I always work from 10am to 5pm but at the first day, I worked until 6pm.

I usually managed inventory products and sliced some colors of products and sorted orders to look better on their website called ‘Business Manager’ which manages their real online market. When new arrival products arrived at the office, I should check their list and upload them online, of course do double check. So it means I could look their new products first. It kinds of made me thrilled.

Every Monday I worked with Canadian internship student. While we were working, we talked a lot about our private story. In her case, the internship student, she should work for 70 hours in Roots so I said, «I’ve been working here for 3 weeks but I still have 3 weeks more.» It was really funny and I made good memories with her.

After starting the Vancouver Olympic, we started the contest for a trip to Peru as promotion. Many customers registered their name and then I sent e-mail to them to say «Thank you». At that time, I also learned many things about promotion and service for real.

The funniest moment I can’t forget forever is I was taken as a leather jackets model. My co-worker asked me to be their model and I answered, «Really?» Then they took pictures of me wearing leather jackets. Unfortunately, you can’t see my face on the website because they just took pictures of my body worn their leather jackets. But you can check it for new arrivals in March of April.

I made lots of memories with my co-workers, especially Anji who always worked with me. They all were really kind to me and whenever I met them, they smiled at me. One day, my manager bought Korean lunch for me and talked a lot with me. Even though my English skill was terrible and I couldn’t sometimes understand her, she understood me totally. And we went shopping together. At my last day, everyone gave me hugs and wished me luck. And Victoria treated me, for example she bought Korean food and coffee for me. Also she sincerely said that good luck, Ellen. I almost cried. I can’t forget it forever.

I highly recommend that you should experience it, Roots. I really appreciate everything Roots gave me. Thank you all so much.

Noh, Young In (Ellen), студентка колледжа UCCBT,
программа Understanding the International Marketplace,
Стажировка в ROOTS CANADA, E-Commerce Operation Department


uccbt__nami_engeneeringI studied Hotel Operations program at UCCBT in Toronto and did my internship in the hotel engineering department, which was never familiar to me ever in my life. The engineering team consists of 5 or 6 managers and lots of engineers who report to them.

On my first day, my boss Ms. Latoya Allen showed and explained me about some of her job. Her main task were dealing with ordering and receiving materials for maintaining the condition of our hotel and taking care of contractors who work at our place and vendors who supplies us with materials. Also she takes care of calls or requests from our guests, and sends our engineers up to their rooms to solve the problems. She let me do these her jobs from my second day.

I was totally overwhelmed with so much stuff to memorize. I tried to ask anything that I was not sure, because I wanted to be able to help our team as one of members as soon as possible.
Latoya attends two meetings in the every morning, engineering managers meeting and the meeting with 2 other departments. In each meeting, she makes short speech about things she is in charge of. Besides, we usually have a small meeting at 8 am, which is the time many of our associates start their shift. In the meeting as well, she has some parts to make a speech and let engineers know about daily updated information. She gave me all of those her tasks at meetings from my second week.

I was very shy to make a speech in front of our team, our managers, and ones from different departments. But our head manager told me to overcome my shyness, so I kept trying my best.
Even I was getting used to deal with materials which are never familiar to me, it took long time for me to get used to business English. At first I couldn’t catch almost all of what my boss was saying. It makes me disappointed with my English skills. It was so different from what I learned in school. But as time goes by, I realized that it was getting easier for me to hear what people say. I was really happy at that time and it made me confident. Latoya let me take care of making phone calls to our venders as well. It was so challenging for me to talk with venders on the phone. Of course I sometimes misunderstood what they said and I made them impatient, but my boss always helped and encouraged me.

Overall, I was really lucky to have kind managers and nice coworkers. They were always nice to me, helped me a lot, so I enjoyed working with them very much. I was very shy at first, but in my second month, I felt comfortable with them. I learned so many things through this experience, not only some knowledge about how the hotel works in the backhouse or engineering stuff, but also that I can overcome my weakness
If I never give up, and so on.

When they gave some surprise presents for me on my last day, I was about to cry. I really appreciated their kindness. It was definitely invaluable experience for me. I believe all of things I learned there will be helpful in my future.

Nami Yasuno, студентка колледжа UCCBT,
программа Hotel Operations,
стажировка в инженерном отделе гостиницы

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