Первые впечатления в Канаде: Юлия, студентка после дипломной программы Logistics and Supply Chain Management Program

pic_Iuliia MaslianaThe journey of mine as an international student at Fanshawe College commenced about a year ago with a simple pondering “what if”, and as an outcome of continuous analyzing and evaluation it got its actual starting point at an International Educational Fair at my home city Kyiv, Ukraine. Further was an extended process of faculty deciding, documents preparation, visa application and its obtaining, and, finally, the sweet anxiety of departure.

My first impressions perfectly met my expectations as London turned out to be a lovely nice enriched in multicultural ambiance city drowning in lush greenery, which makes it resemble so much my native city, and, thus, with no doubts, an adaptation period was as smooth as possible.  Frankly speaking, greatly developed infrastructure aimed for studying and for leisure turn London into truly perfect place for students, where everyone feels just at home.

It does not matter where you come from, you will not possibly feel alone. Thanks to multiple and diverse range of great service and opportunities provided by Fanshawe College any student can fully satisfy one’s educational, sportive, leisure or administrative needs, preferences and interests. Though, just in case, any issues you might encounter raises doubts or difficulty, there is no need to struggle on your own. Just ask and any assistance or advice will be rendered. It is free and it is all for you, aimed at your success.  Therefore, do not spend too much on waiting, because having an international experience dream realised provides more pleasure than its anticipation.

Concluding, I would like to share a little organisational tip: do not try to foresee everything and get it prepared, there always will be something to slip out, especially when it comes to relocation to another country, not mentioning another continent. Hereby, just enjoy a pleasant journey of an incredible experience of yours, which may turn into a life-changing one.

Iuliia Masliana
Kyiv, Ukraine, agency STUDY.UA Company,
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Program at Fanshawe College

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